Sep 022015
How To Prevent Most Dreaded Diseases

Most of the diseases we all fear, diseases that decimate us, start with a chronic inflammation. When the inflammation goes on unnoticed and uncontrolled – as it’s often the case – it begets heart disease, cancer or Alzheimer’s disease, to name some of the leading killers. There isn’t any one foolproof cure that can unequivocally […]

Aug 282015
How To Cure Acid Reflux Naturally

If you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) you likely know plenty about it already. Here’s the recap: Acid Reflux or GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) is a common condition which affects as many as 20% of Americans. Acid Reflux sufferers experience unpleasant symptoms when the stomach’s acid and digestive juices (normally present in the stomach) […]

Aug 272015
How To Restore Digestive Health And The Immune System

How To Restore Digestive Health And The Immune System after antibiotic therapy, anti-viral drugs, laxatives, excessive cleansing and involuntary exposure to drugs in food. Detoxing, desinfecting, sanitizing became buzzwords, recently. We walk an extra mile to protect ourselves and our kids from germs and bacteria. Many spray ammonia all-around. Others clean with bleach and bleach-containing […]

Aug 272015
How To Get Over Tiredness Naturally

What to do and what not to do to restore your energy. Water, oxygen, sleep and brushing are in! If you always feel tired, there may well be a medical explanation for it. There are several diseases that produce the feeling of overwhelming tiredness. Start by excluding possible, legitimate reasons for tiredness. Visit your doctor […]

Aug 252015
Castor Oil Alternative Treatment For Breast Tumors And Dry Eyes

The times when Castor Oil was considered the gold standard treatment for constipation are over. Other safer and gentler methods have taken its place. This is not to say that we should discard other healing properties of Castor Oil. Castor Oil (Ricinus Communis) is thick, very light yellow oil expressed from castor beans which grow […]

Dec 252014
Alzheimer’s Disease vs. Mad Cow Disease

Alzheimer’s disease has been featured in the news frequently over the last few days. It just so happens that I’ve been finishing the post on Mad Cow Disease Fears in California and the indestructible prions that are believed to cause it when I noticed news on the rising incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in the US. […]

Dec 252014
Sugar and Flour Alert

Prohibition was the time when the government controlled (actually blocked!) consumers’ access to a substance (in this case, alcohol) known to be – when used in excess – destructive to human health and society. We all know what happened next, the mafia with Al Capone at the helm took control over the market of illegally […]

Dec 252014
One Secret To A Healthy Life

As a wellness coach, I look at health from a holistic perspective. Our Western medicine divides the human body into many sub-systems as evidenced by the existence of medical specialties. We go to a general practitioner to complain about an issue, if it’s difficult to define, we’re told “it’s nothing to worry about”; if it […]

Dec 222014
Eating Habits and Disease

If you REALLY think about it, there is an obvious correlation between eating habits and disease. If you exclude consequences of lifestyle choices (I’m referring to smoking, alcohol consumption, drug use, etc.) and contagious diseases, most of the remaining ones are related to eating habits. Consider such common maladies as GERD, allergies, diabetes, high blood […]

Dec 222014
Kefir Not Yogurt

The media tell us: “yogurt is good for you”. Commercials tell us that, too. Why has yogurt become one of the most popular health foods? Yogurt contains probiotics the magical good bacteria that’s great for digestion and has the power to boost the immune system. That’s fine and good… for newbies. There’s another fermented milk […]