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Green Self Care is run by me, Los Angeles wellness coach. I write Green Self Care blog and I developed the Green Products featured on this Website. As a wellness coach, I believe that good health is priceless. GreenSelfCare.com is here to support YOU in your pursuit of good health.

Aug 052017

Natural Anti-Aging BibleGreen Anti Aging signals the start of an anti aging REVOLUTION! It turns our beliefs of the aging process upside down. It presents a brand new concept of aging, not as a gradual process of decline mind you, but the body’s desperate call for a long overdue overhaul.

Since the guide wasn’t written by a medical doctor or an anti-aging scientist but a wellness coach its recommendations involve natural means, only.

The purpose of this natural anti-aging guide is two-fold. It can be used as a natural anti-aging guide by those determined to fight aging naturally. It can be used as a guide to relieving aging-related health concerns naturally. (Without toxic chemicals, painful and costly injections or drastic surgeries.)

Green Anti Aging by Sturm Enrich lays out a clear (easy to follow) map of a complete natural anti-aging body tune-up which includes health issues most aging individuals face as well as visible signs of aging.

If I’ve ever read a truly empowering piece of writing, Green Anti Aging by Sturm Enrich is it! It doesn’t nitpick, it comes with its own vision of what aging CAN BE. It puts the power and choice in the reader’s hands. In terms of self esteem alone, this anti-aging guide is a breath of fresh air. It tells the reader from the get-go that age doesn’t make anyone inferior. After all, a fine classic car has its value EVEN before it is restored. We all know that a well-restored classic car costs more than the latest model. It is true of cars and now it can be true of mature adults!

Green Anti Aging is THE must-read natural anti-aging Bible. My only regret is that I couldn’t use its wisdom to help my parents deal with aging.

INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Green Anti Aging by Sturm Enrich 1.4 MB  $75.00

Payments for purchases made on Green Self Care are due to IRET (Internet Real Estate Tycoon)



A $75 price tag for an instant download might seem steep to some. Once you read the guide, leave alone follow just some of its recommendations, you’ll know it is easily worth $1,000 a pop. It works!

Jul 252017

Free Consultation With Los Angeles Wellness Coach


Bring your wishes: how to eat healthy on a budget? Bring your complaints: aging, inability to lose weight, heartburn or herpes? There are NATURAL solutions!


During summer vacations – when the Healthy Living Classes and Natural Healing Classes are on hiatus – Los Angeles Wellness Coaches still keep the door open to anyone looking for ways to live healthier.

You can bring your concerns, questions or requests to the Wellness Coaches in person every Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. The open house is held in Valley Glen (San Fernando Valley, CA). If you live in Greater Los Angeles area, you too can meet with one of Los Angeles Wellness Coaches for a FREE consultation!

Whether you’d like to explore healthy eating, learn how to get pesticide-free produce and fruit on a budget, lose weight, make your own probiotics, get rid of heartburn or another health complaint, bring it on! It is possible to stay healthy, NATURALLY.

Los Angeles Wellness Coaches have your back! RSVP (be sure to describe your concern / interest) and get directions.

Jul 182017

Staying Healthy Despite Of Political Climate

Finding balance with Nature in a political climate that denies global warming, decriminalizes pesticides, champions polluters and threatens our health

Time doesn’t stop. Clock doesn’t go backward. Global warming is on the rise. Toxic chemicals all around us are threatening human health. Recent political changes decriminalize gross pollution, promote carbon-based industries, render pesticides harmless, limit the power of EPA, eliminate some wildlife protections and some National Monuments / National Parks in favor of industry… Worse, the Affordable Care Act is in jeopardy and may leave millions of Americans uninsured. (Why am I mentioning the latter? Because healthy living prevents disease.)

The existing and just introduced threats to our wellbeing can’t be ignored. We cannot avoid or escape them. The problems confronting us won’t be solved by a dozen – or even a thousand – people who have gone “off the grid”, or committed to living “small”. They’ll be solved successfully only, if we ALL take action: by contacting our government representatives, taking part in marches, endorsing environmentally-conscious products and services by choosing them while shopping and by making changes in our own lives to protect the environment at large but also to protect ours and our families’ most precious asset: health!

The threat of climate change, drinking water contamination and polluted air endanger our health. Yours and your family’s health take priority over politics. If and when politics doesn’t support human health, WE HAVE TO.

I don’t believe in celebrating full moon or equinox or worshiping Gaia. I don’t support the “return to Eden” movement. (There never was an “Eden”. There were times when Nature ruled over us and threatened our survival. Now, we dominated the Earth and are threatening her survival AND our own.)

It is not about cowering to Nature or domineering it. It’s about a balance and coexistence with Nature. IT CAN BE DONE on a global scale and in your own home.

We all know that health-conscious and natural is good, it goes without saying. It has to be said however that even the green movement isn’t entirely truthful.

A number of everyday use food items and products is demonized as harmful without a merit or proof. Just like with the Earth: it’s about balance, not extremism. It’s about knowing versus believing. If a given product is used for over a 100 years, has a proven safety and effectiveness record and you’re being told that it is dangerous and unhealthy, stop and think: if no one was harmed until now and many have benefited from it, what are the chances you’ll be the first to be harmed? People spread false propaganda to improve their bottom line, not to help you…. Exercise common sense!

Green Self Help and Los Angeles Wellness Coach are here to help. When in doubt, feel free to ask!

May 072017

How To Make Your Own Probiotics Class In San Fernando Valley

The team of Green Self Care holds How To Make Your Own Probiotics Class in San Fernando Valley, CA.

Why? Probiotics improve digestive health. Good quality probiotic supplements are quite expensive. With that said, we all need probiotics. Did you know that the best probiotics are NOT the ones in supplements but those in LIVE cultures of fermented foods? Did you know that you can make these foods yourself and save a fortune in the process? You’ll have plenty of tasty and healthful food to go around at low cost to you!

Probiotics improve digestive health by replenishing healthful bacteria in the gut. They have many health benefits: probiotics improve digestion; are credited with relieving symptoms of heartburn, Crohn’s disease, IBS and urinary tract infections, improving regularity, and more. Perhaps even more importantly: most of the immune system is located in the digestive tract, improving digestive functions makes for a stronger immune system. Strong immune system is more resistant to disease and supports better and faster recovery from an illness or injury.

Many already know the value of probiotics. High quality probiotics are costly. Few people realize that they have the option of making their own probiotics (to be precise: food that has high content of live probiotic cultures). During this class you’ll learn how to make your own probiotics. The process is simple. The supplies are affordable. You won’t leave this class empty-handed either but with your own probiotic starter kit. (If you use it according to instructions, you’ll have a supply of probiotics for your whole family for many years to come.)

BONUS: learn de-stressing exercise.

Do something good for your health! RSVP for How To Make Your Own Probiotics Class in San Fernando Valley.

May 072017

How To Relieve Heartburn Naturally Class In San Fernando Valley

The team of Green Self Care holds How To Relieve Heartburn Naturally Class in San Fernando Valley, CA.

Why? Heartburn is an unpleasant sensation which makes life miserable. It affects your performance and your mood. It doesn’t have to! There are effective, natural ways to relieve heartburn that will make your life easier!

If you suffer from heartburn, you’ve likely tried over-the-counter antacids already and quite possibly prescription medication, too. But you are reading about this class which tells me that you didn’t experience the relief you hoped for and your heartburn still controls your life.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In a vast majority of cases, heartburn is neither a disease in its own right or a symptom of a serious disease. It is actually quite easy to relieve with some common sense lifestyle adjustments and natural remedies and when I say natural remedies I don’t mean a crystal on a string but specific food items.

Come to the class and learn how a little knowledge can improve your physical wellbeing. You’ll get to see and taste the remedies and get to take some with you to use at home when heartburn hits. You’ll love your new found freedom of heartburn!

Do something good for your health! RSVP for How To Relieve Heartburn Naturally Class.

May 072017

How To Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally Class In San Fernando Valley

The team of Green Self Care holds How To Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally Class in San Fernando Valley, CA.

Why? Nobody likes feeling miserably, catching a flu more often than others, etc. Yet many do. The reason? A weak immune system. Did you know that by strengthening the immune system, you’ll be sick less often and even if and when a flu – or something else – should befell you, you’ll recover faster? No that’s not a theory that’s a fact!

The way you feel when you’re well and when you’re ill; whether or not you get ill and how often; how well and how fast you recover from an injury depends on the wellness of your immune system. Most people however don’t pay attention to it.

Knowing how to care for your immune system naturally will positively affect your health. During the class you’ll learn the ABC of the immune system and some simple steps you can take to make it stronger and more resistant to disease. (Attendees over the age of 50 may experience an immediate improvement in the way they feel!)

Do something good for your health! To RSVP for How To Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally Class.

Mar 192017

How Sacrifice Can End Your Addictive Habits

It seems as though you’ve tried everything in the world to walk away from your bad habit. You’ve gone to meetings, spoken with professionals, and attempted quitting cold turkey. Still, your habit seems to stick (especially when stress seems hard to get rid of).

Have you ever thought about your habit or addiction in terms of sacrifice? If you have people in your life who love and care about you, sacrifice can be an incredibly potent method to help you walk away from your vices. Learn more about making sacrifices through Psychology Today.

These five steps will get you started.

  1. Visualize Your New Future

You’ve probably done this dozens of times before, but this time is different. Close your eyes and imagine a future in which your bad habit is gone. Think about how this will change the lives of the people you love. How will it help your children, your significant other, your parents, and your friends? Now, imagine a future in which your bad habit has continued to grow. Picturing these two parallel futures can be daunting – but it can also show you the possibilities at stake. In order to better the lives of yourself and the people you love, you need to fight for a brighter future.

  1. Think About Your Loved Ones

This is an extension of visualization. However, it involves a more in-depth process. Think carefully (and individually) about your loved ones. Think about how your bad habit has already affected them. Think about how your relationship with them has been altered or could be altered. Finally, picture their futures. What do they look like if your habit continues? Slowly, you’ll begin to realize that you hold the future of other people in your hands.

  1. Decide To Make Sacrifices

When this realization hits, you need to make a decision. Are you going to make sacrifices for the people you love? Are you going to improve your life for them? If so, write down this decision. Write it down multiple times, if it helps. Do whatever will help you say, “I’m going to do this. I’m going to make this right.” Talk to your loved ones about your intentions. This will help push you to follow through with your promises. However, you should also talk to your loved ones when you have a rough day, when you slip, or when you need help. The beautiful part about trying to change for the sake of those you love? They will help you.

  1. Hold Yourself Accountable

While your loved ones will hold you accountable for following through with your promise, you must also hold yourself accountable. After all, your future is involved too. Write a journal to keep track of your progress, and don’t be afraid to reward yourself when you’ve met a milestone. The Huffington Post offers useful information about holding yourself accountable that could help you through the process.

  1. Meet With Counselors

If you know you’ll be fighting an uphill battle, meet with a counselor beforehand to establish the support you need to keep going. Your counselor will affirm your faith and motivation. Often, the key to breaking a bad habit is a weekly meeting with someone who cares. These meetings will also help you with resentment issues. Many times, individuals using the method of sacrifice will begin to feel frustrated and resentful of their loved ones. Meeting with a counselor can help eliminate this problem. Learn more about counseling through Psych Central.

These steps will help you break your bad habit by making sacrifices for the people you love. If you can’t make sacrifices for them, make sacrifices for yourself. This is your future. You deserve to live it.

Article contributed by Jane Moore


Nov 162016
4 Tips for Nurturing Mind, Body and Soul All Winter Long

Photo by AshLM

It can be easy to feel less than our best selves during winter. The shorter days make us feel more tired and rundown. The cold weather makes squeezing in that pre- or post-work jog less appealing. Add the stress that comes along with the holidays and pressure to make the most of New Year’s resolutions, and it’s easy to see why the winter blues are so prevalent. Though it may take a little creativity and a little extra motivation, there are ways to make sure we stay healthy, mind, body, and soul, all winter long. Here are a few helpful tips for doing so:

Take a quick break from reality. Sometimes changing your surroundings can give you the jolt you need to take action improving the areas of your life where you might be struggling. So, grab your journal and some comfy clothes and take a little mini-vacation at a nearby hotel.

Even if it’s only for a night, getting out of the surroundings that are contributing to your stress gives you an opportunity to gain perspective, think over where you want to make changes, and get an action plan in place. And if you have a four-legged friend, bring them along, too. Our pets, especially dogs, are great for our physical and mental health, and there are many dog-friendly hotels that welcome furry guests. Here are few options from locations throughout the U.S.:

Pittsburgh, PA
Murfreesboro, TN
Milwaukee, WI
Pasadena, TX
Jacksonville, FL
Tucson, AZ
Charlotte, NC
Fort Worth, TX

Keep exercising. During winter, when your alarm goes off in the morning, you’re probably more likely to hit snooze, opting to stay in your warm, cozy bed rather than gear up for a chilly morning run. First, know that that’s ok. Don’t beat yourself up over not being excited about jogging in 45-degree weather. But do figure out what you can motivate yourself to do in winter. Maybe it’s time to invest in some dumbbells or an exercise ball that you can use at home. Or maybe you and a friend can become winter workout buddies and hit the gym or local indoor pool together.

Exercise is, of course, essential for maintaining our physical health, but it is also an extremely important tool for maintaining our mental health. When you find what works for you, you’ll not only be physically healthier in winter, you’ll be taking steps to preventing winter blues as well.

Get creative. Because the days are shorter and we’re less likely to be called to the outdoors by a beautiful, warm sunny day, winter is actually the perfect time to explore your creativity or a passion you’ve been setting aside. Doing so will not only help you feel inspired and motivated, it could also help you out at work.

For example, perhaps you’ve been wanting to do a little creative writing. Take an online or night course this winter. You’ll be able to explore a subject area you’re passionate about while improving your writing and creative-thinking skills, which will pay off back at the office. Of course, there are many other ways to explore your creativity, from painting to carpentry to photography and beyond, just find something that’s of interest to you. Having this passion project will be a great way to keep a positive outlook throughout the cold winter months.

Get some sun. Vitamin D is essential for our physical health–it helps keep our bones and teeth strong–and our mental health–it can help improve mood. But because we’re exposed to less sunlight, which is a key provider of vitamin D, in winter, it can be difficult to get the amount we need to stay healthy. So, do find ways to get some sun exposure. Whether it’s spending an extra five minutes walking the dog or picking up leaves on the weekend, that time outdoors is essential for maintaining your overall health.

Winter definitely poses some challenges when it comes to maintaining our physical and mental health. But there are many great ways to keep our spirits and our bodies functioning well when cold weather sets in. Find what works for you and stick with it until spring.

Contributed by Jennifer Scott

Aug 092016

How To Incorporate Self-Care Into A Busy Schedule
Photo via Pixabay by Jeviniya

Self-care is extremely important for our minds, bodies, and emotional well-being. But what do you do when your schedule seems too busy to incorporate time for yourself?

Many people ask themselves that same question every day, and the answer is, you have to do what works for you. There are many ways to carve out a small chunk of time from your schedule for moments that are just for you, but first you have to decide what your needs are. If you’re overly stressed about work, perhaps you should consider how much time you spend at home answering work-related emails or just thinking about what your responsibilities are the next day. If your overall health has declined recently, you may need to find ways to get in a little exercise each day. Once you figure out what your life is lacking (or has too much of), you can start down the road to feeling better.

Here are some of the best ways to incorporate self-care into your daily routine.

Do something that makes you happy

All too often, we start to lose bits of ourselves after years of being busy with work, kids, school, and relationships. It’s easy to forget about an old favorite song full of nostalgia, or how much you loved dancing when you were younger. Break out that old CD and pop it on in the morning while you’re getting ready for work. Dance around! Start your morning off with something that makes you happy, and it will follow you throughout the day.

Go for a brief swim

Swimming is a great way to combine family time and workout time.Take the kids to the pool, and get in some laps while they’re playing. Swimming is a great way to burn calories and is great for your heart health.

Don’t be afraid to say no

Once you’ve decided on a plan of action, don’t hesitate to make yourself a priority when others come calling. It might mean you have to decline an invitation to go out, but you’ll thank yourself later.

Be firm

Once you’ve decided on a way to practice self-care, be firm about it, both with yourself and with others. If you’re going to stop working through your lunch break and begin reading a book while you eat outside, stick to it. Don’t let others guilt you into taking this time away from yourself. You deserve it!

Incorporating self-care into your daily routine doesn’t have to be difficult; in fact, if it’s stressful, that sort of defeats the purpose! Don’t feel pressured to spend a certain amount of time every day doing something you love. The point is to find small ways to make your days better, no matter how busy you are.

Post by Paige Johnson: Paige Johnson is a self-described fitness “nerd.” She possesses a love for strength training. In addition to weight-lifting, she is a yoga enthusiast, avid cyclist, and loves exploring hiking trails with her dogs. She enjoys writing about health and fitness for LearnFit.org.

Feb 172016

Green Self Help‘s guides on healing with natural remedies provide valuable information and a choice of care to those interested in DIY health management.

Natural Remedies For Acid Reflux

There is a relatively new kid on the block worthy of health-conscious consumers’ attention. I’m talking about Green Self Help, a Website that provides guides on healing with natural remedies for ailments that affect many. We poked around and the concept seems nothing short of revolutionary.

Green Self Help’s guides are available BY CONDITION, better yet: they are available for instant download! At our last visit, there were four types of such green healing packs offered:

  • Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones
  • Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux
  • Natural Remedies for Gallstones
  • Natural Remedies for Breast Tumors

The prices? $25 per download! Customers’ reviews indicate that purchasers are satisfied with the results they achieved with Green Self Help’s guidance.

What an idea! Now the many disappointed with conventional medical care as well as many uninsured, have the option of a guided DIY health management with natural remedies!
Is it the perfect solution for every condition or even every person? Most likely, not. But so many can – are already – and will benefit!

We were particularly impressed with the natural treatment for gallstones which – sorry medicine! – seems superior to the most recommended medical treatment (cholecystectomy) today which permanently removes the gallbladder. Why is the natural treatment for gallstones superior? Because the natural remedy facilitates painless elimination of gallstones while leaving the gallbladder intact.

The owners of Green Self Help may – or may not – get rich on their concept, but they are already making valuable contribution to peoples’ health and health education. We applaud Green Self Help‘s conservative, natural, safe and effective approach to healing. By combining well-researched information with instant availability and affordable prices, Green Self Help provides valuable choice of alternative care to those interested in DIY health management.