Oct 262017
Pregnancy Massage What You Need To Know

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Not all couples get pregnant easily. Some cannot get pregnant at all. Being pregnant is a blessing: after all it precedes the arrival of the miracle of life. But that’s not all it is. It is also a period of time when a brand new life is developing within a woman wrecking havoc in her body.

The weight of the developing baby literally shifts the center of the expectant mom’s body which often causes lower back pain. Her blood volume increases by a whopping 50%! The increase in body weight puts extra pressure on the woman’s joints and causes swelling especially in the feet and hands. Hormone levels fluctuate and affect her mood. Pregnancy is a period of changes that stress out a woman in many ways and all these in addition to perfectly normal anxiety which accompanies every pregnancy.

Anticipating birth is a joyous time of preparation, making plans and creating new dreams, but it isn’t entirely stress-free. Every expectant mom worries, some are fearful of the upcoming birth experience, some stress over the changes a new baby will make in all aspects of their – and their family’s – life.

Things get more complicated by the fact that the baby’s safety takes precedence over the expectant mom’s aches and pains. The use of prescription and even over the counter drugs, including pain relievers and tranquilizers, is strongly discouraged to protect the health of the baby.

That’s why massage is such a welcome therapy during pregnancy. A massage can successfully and safely address many problems of a pregnant woman without chemicals which might harm the developing baby. Both, prenatal or postnatal massage can support the expectant and then, a new mom.

Pregnancy Massage What You Need To Know

Many physicians, certified massage therapists and people at large believe that a massage during the first trimester of pregnancy – when most miscarriages occur – isn’t safe. Pending a conclusive scientific explanation, it may be best to avoid massage in the earliest stage of pregnancy, but once the first trimester passes, it’s time to think about getting relief with a pregnancy massage!

The type of massage recommended for a pregnant woman is gentle and should be preformed by a certified massage therapist, preferably one trained in pregnancy massage.

According to WebMD, a study on prenatal massage therapy conducted at the University of Miami School of Medicine has confirmed that pregnancy massage does:

  • Lower anxiety
  • Decrease back and leg pain
  • Improve sleep
  • Decrease levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine
  • Increase levels of the “feel-good” hormones serotonin and dopamine
  • Decrease levels of cortisol, the stress hormone
  • Contribute to a better mood

The American Pregnancy Association states on its Website:
“Studies indicate that massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health.”

Bottom line: pregnancy massage can help reduce many pregnancy-related health complaints. By stimulating soft tissue massage can reduce pregnancy-related lower back pain and the pressure on your joints and reduce swelling. By stimulating the lymphatic systems, massage facilitates the removal of toxins from your body…. Massage is good for you and will support you during the challenging months leading up to the blessed arrival.

Heads up: because pregnancy is such an important and delicate condition, a certified massage therapist trained in performing pregnancy massage may ask you for a signed recommendation from your physician and a liability waver from you.

Oct 242017
Drug-Free Therapy For A Car Accident Injury

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Many a driver experienced an injury as a result of a car incident. Obviously, the course of treatment for an accident-related injury is determined by the attending physician. It’s important to follow your physician’s recommendations, including therapies. I know I didn’t say anything new. What’s new is the subject of residual aches and pains during and after treatment for a car accident injury. Many wonder whether a massage therapy could be an effective part of a post-car accident recovery. The answer is a resounding: YES!

We all know that a massage has many healing and comforting properties. The American Massage Therapy Association lists 25 of them!

The main benefits of therapeutic massage are its power to manipulate muscle memory and restore a healthy body-mind connection. In English: therapeutic massage restores wholeness and harmony to the body, mind and emotions.

In the specific case of lingering pain after a car accident injury, the most painful and common complaints are:

  • Concussion which occurs after a sudden and unexpected hit to the head in a car crash
  • Whiplash which is common for occupants of a rear-ended vehicle
  • Back pain which is a wide-spread problem among car accident victims

Following – or in addition to – a medical treatment, therapeutic massage can help relieve pain, release muscle tension, improve range of motion and relieve physiological and emotional tension. (Multiple studies point out that massage therapy has beneficial and measurable impact on both, the musculoskeletal and neurological system.)

Massage is an effective complimentary therapy which in conjunction with conventional medical care or following conventional medical care can greatly improve and restore your health after a car accident. Unlike pain relief drugs, massage is a safe and chemicals-free pain relief alternative.

Ask your doctor whether he recommends massage as a part of your post-accident treatment and / or rehabilitation. With your doctor’s approval: get a massage. A massage – preferably multiple sessions – will accelerate your recovery!

Oct 172017

How to Go Green Without Going Crazy


How to deal with eco-anxiety with contribution, meditation and focus on the present.


You know you should do everything you can to protect our planet and make sure it is livable for future generations. However, everywhere you look, you see more that you could be doing to take care of Mother Earth. How can you possibly do enough? Many of us suffer from “eco-anxiety” as we try to balance green living with staying sane. Here are some tips that can help you cope.

You Can Make a Difference, Just Not ALL the Difference

Part of living life to the fullest involves spending time with your family, navigating through our modern society, and living a healthy lifestyle. What is best for animals, plants, and the world may not always align with these realities. Therefore, you must create a balance to be in a position to help.

Even if it is small, you make a difference with every positive step you take. You alone cannot save the world. But, the chances are that you are not the only one who feels passionately about your cause. And, you may be able to help shift the overall tide with tiny changes.

But, again, you cannot save the world on your own. You are but one person. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to do it all. You do your best, you do what you can, and that is the most you can do.

Focus on the Present, Not the Media

Focusing on the present is an important practice for anything in life. This will help you stave off the dread of an unknown future and regret of an unchangeable past. Focus your mind on the here and now as you tackle one task at a time. Mindfully refocus on the present when you recognize that you are worrying about the past or future. Meditation is excellent for this.

Another way to avoid anxiety over the past and future is to stop reading the news. Try it for a week at first. You may be surprised that life goes on without your eyes glued to the latest headlines. Bolster your spirits by seeking out uplifting stories.

When we feel motivated and refreshed we will be at our most effective. On the other hand, when we are down and out, we are little good to anyone. Instead of viewing the latest headlines, get outside in nature. Reconnect with the environment you are seeking to protect.

When you feel overwhelmed by eco-anxiety, remember these three things: every bit helps, you can’t do everything, and focus on the present.

Contributed by Lucy W. (https://homeremedyshop.com)